In conjunction with our partners we are running an iBeacons trial across a small area of Bristol.

For more information on iBeacons, please visit our site – CPAgroup.co.uk;

The trial will involve placing up to 200 iBeacons in various locations. Our app will be triggered in to action when a user is within range of one (or more) of the iBeacons.


Apple coined the phrase iBeacon and with the latest version of their operating system (iOS7), iBeacon functionality is now built in to Apple devices.

With Apple being so enthusiastic about the technology, iBeacons will soon become an important tool for proximity marketing.

Apple has installed iBeacons in all of its stores. iBeacons have also been situated in sports arenas, museums and 1000’s of US retail sites.


iBeacons are small low energy Bluetooth transmitters.  When tied to an app a beacon can be recognised by the app which, in turn, can trigger responses.

The response will be in the form of a message delivered to the iPhone screen containing important visitor information.

The system does not and cannot send anything out in to the world other than a series of numbers. These numbers are recognised by the app and an action is triggered.


As the system requires a certain level of technology (iOS7+) the users are going to be in the 18-35+ age group with significant buying power. They will be very interested in the latest technology and will want to download the app and see how iBeacons work.


We have a demo system which we can show you.

You can email us at admin@shufdy.com to tell us you are interested or you can complete our on line form.

We’ll then get back to you immediately.

This is a trial and that means there is absolutely no money involved.

We’ll supply the beacon and also show you how the app will work.

The trial will be run with a maximum of 200 partners across Bristol.


There will be significant PR associated with the trial.

This system is extremely new and very high profile. By trialling this system you will be assessing the viability of a technology that will be fundamentally important for many years.

You’ll have the potential to benefit from increased foot-flow.


There isn’t one, it’s FREE to you.

The only thing to consider is that a message will be dropped to the users device when they are in range of the beacon.

The message should offer a benefit to the user. You might offer a discount on entry (if applicable)? You might provide additional visitor information? You might have a special offer for your visitors?

The message needs to make the user want to visit your premises.

Not everyone will be able to receive signals from the beacons. The user MUST have a reasonably new iPhone/ iPad device with the latest iOS7.0 operating system.  For this reason you shouldn’t worry about having to give lots of products away.

If an offer is really going too well then we can remove it or change it for you.

Look at this as a way to gain some new visitors and show that you are forward thinking.

We’ll produce some literature and posters that you can use.

The beacon will need to be positioned near to the front of the premises in an inaccessible position to avoid the beacon being removed.